We believe that creative outlets can significantly limit substance use habits. We bring an enjoyable, engaging, and unique approach to fighting addiction that makes the recovery process more satisfying and less stressful for patients.

The REID Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to helping Ohio’s addiction recovery community creatively express themselves through music and other fine arts.

A Man Of God
Reid Elsass was a man of God, a steady smile, and a person who truly knew love. Reid lost his battle with addiction on June 2nd, 2019. Fortunately, Reid’s fight with addiction isn’t over and his legacy is survived through this foundation, which serves to bring out the potential of the distressed victims of addiction and mental illness across the world and help them achieve their sense of belonging.
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Our Mission
Help victims of the opioid epidemic through the power of music.

Everyone has a story. What will yours be?

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REID's mission is to help victims of the opioid epidemic learn how creative expression through music and other fine arts can replace substance use and the destructive behaviors that come with the disease.

Behind every addictive behavior or mental illness is unresolved trauma, suppressed emotions, and wounded parts of ourselves. It can be very difficult to verbalize the pain that has crystalized in our minds after years of numbing. Some of the unresolved pain one is carrying could have occurred before language was developed, and therefore the ability to put it into words is absent. This is no direct flaw of the individual – unresolved trauma simply creates barriers to processing trauma and healing.

Creative expression helps us recover from these barriers. Research shows that creative expression through music and other fine arts targets the same pleasure receptors of the brain as one’s drug of choice. In essence, creative expression can replace negative outlets (drugs and alcohol) with positive ones (music and other fine arts).

Featured interview - Matt steidle
“Everybody is going through something, and music can help them cope.”
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